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Environmental-friendly stretcher bars (1,5 cm)

Stretcher bars of 1,5 cm width is our unqiue idea and an outcome of our care for environment, which nowadays grows in importance. This type of stretcher bars, made of recycled wood (OSB), is a great offer for those who want to live in harmony with nature.

3D gallery stretcher bars (3 cm)

Thanks to its width (3cm) this kind of stretcher bar is called 3D. Printings that are stretched on thick stretcher bars (made of solid wood) will perfectly fit to big interiors, endowing them with a note of exclusity.

UV Print

UV Print is one of the most common technologies of modern grand format printing. It makes the printed motive 100% resistant and protects the product against sunbeams and humidity. By choosing this option no colour changes of the motive are being made – it helps however to preserve longer the original beauty and brightness of the colours.


We recommend the purchase of metal toothhangers which make the placement of the painting on the wall much easier. For multi-panel compositions, the purchase of one hook for each part is recommended. If the width of an element exceeds 80 cm, it is better to use at least two hooks for this panel. The toothhangers are being sent with the ordered painting, in the same parcel, in a white envelope. You have to assemble them on your own, by hammering them gently into the wooden subframe – the video instruction is available hereunder.


The connecting elements are the perfect decorative accessory for multi-panel compositions. These wooden elements (of about 6x6 cm each) are available in black. According to the paintings size, you can put one, two or three connectors in each intermediate space between the panels. For each painting on the site we give you a hint on the quantity of the connectors that you can choose for your motive – however this is only our artists’ suggestion: the final choice is yours! You have to assemble the connectors on your own – the video instruction is available hereunder.


Varnish is a transparent protective layer, applied on the surface of a dry handmade painting. It protects the painting from the sunbeams and humidity. By choosing this option no colour changes of the motive are being made – it helps however to preserve longer the original beauty and brightness of the colours. The varnish is available as a spray – you can apply it on your own, directly on the painting’s surface.

Personal dedication

The painting that you would like to order is a gift for a loved person? In that case: make it unique! On request, our artist can embellish the back of the canvas with a personal inscription which will make them feel really special. Congratulations for a wedding or on the new born baby, birthday wishes or a thank you note – we are sure you can think of lots of special occasions! You can insert your text directly in the appropriate field (for technical reasons there is a maximal number of characters you can use).

Express service

It’s important to you to have your painting sent to you as soon as possible? If you choose the „Express service” option, your order is going to be processed as a top priority one. According to the chosen technique, your picture is going to be shipped within 7 working days (digital prints on canvas) or within 10 working days (handmade paintings and prints on plexiglass). Please remember that this time refers only to the processing of the order, without the shipping time (for further information please consult the Shipment section).

Attachments for plexiglass panels

We recommend the purchase of metal attachments, which make possible the perfect placement of the plexiglass panels on the wall, being at the same time an original and modern decoration of the digital print. For each plexiglass panel the purchase of four attachments is recommended. The panels are being sent ready for the assembly, with appropriate holes in each corner.

Hook and loop fasteners

Pictures printed on foam boards are light and rigid – to be able to assemble them perfectly on the wall, we recommed the purchase of the self-adhesive hook and loop fasteners. One side of the fastener should be attached on the wall, the other one – directly on the back side of the foam board. For each panel the purchase of four hook and loop fasteners is recommended.


You would like to hang your painting on the wall just after receiving the parcel? Order a set of strong, resilient nails! All you have to do is to hammer them gently into the wall, hang the painting and admire its beauty.
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